Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch Synthetic

Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch Synthetic

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Quadratec Q-Performance Stealth Winch 

Face it - you are going to need a winch at some point if you drive your Jeep long enough. It may be to help out yourself, or someone in your trail group, who gets stuck. It could be to assist your neighbor in a snowdrift, a fellow off-roader trapped in muck deeper than he or she thought, or for whatever comes up on that next trail adventure.

Yeah, you are going to need a winch.

And since you are, we present the all new Q-Performance Stealth Winch. A performance tool every bit as powerful as it is beautiful and affordable. Sporting a 4.9 HP series wound waterproof motor with wireless remote control, this winch also gives you two never-seen-before features in a removable clutch lever and amber LED winch spool light strip. Other key features include die cast finned aluminum solenoid housings that dissipate heat, class leading gear ratios for fast line speed, low current draw and either steel or synthetic line options — all topped off by a reassuring IP67 rating meaning the winch is fully waterproof and submersible.

All Q-Performance winches include a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and 1-year warranty on electrical components.

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