TopLift Venture Pro - Jeep Wrangler & Bronco Hardtop Removal Tool

TopLift Venture Pro - Jeep Wrangler & Bronco Hardtop Removal Tool


TopLift Venture Pro™ - Jeep Wrangler® & Bronco Hardtop Removal Tool


Just when you thought we couldn't make it easier, TopLift Pros® introduces the new Venture Pro™—the first-of-its-kind travel-friendly Jeep Wrangler® and Ford Bronco® hardtop removal, storage & installation tool on the market. 

The Venture Pro™ was strategically engineered to be both compact and heavy-duty, allowing you to travel anywhere and remove & store your hardtop safely and in minutes. It comes semi-pre-assembled and unfolded for easy setup and breakdown. Plus, like all our products, the Venture Pro™ is made from the highest-quality materials, fortified with an eco-friendly powder-coat finish for long-term durability. But a hardtop removal tool is only as good as its lifting mechanism, which is why the Venture Pro™ features our convenient TopLift Pros® 5 to 1 weight ratio Push-Pedal System that makes removing, storing & installing your top easier and faster than ever! 

Don't limit yourself away from home! The best Bronco® & Jeep Wrangler adventures begin topless.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Locally owned & serviced in the U.S.
  • Travel-friendly - Compact design and semi-pre-assembled.
  • Convenient & storage friendly.
  • Anyone can do it - Featuring TopLift Pros® Push-Pedal System with 5 to-1 lifting power for easy, hand-free lifting & storing.
  • Dual-use - The base is interchangeable with the TopLift Pros® Gladiator Pro upper assembly.
  • Built to last - Made of high-grade steel and eco-friendly powder-coated with a thick mil finish.
  • No trailer cranking, strings, pulleys, or straps. All of which can damage your top!
  • Takes little to no space in your garage - Stores over the hood of your vehicle.
  • Works on stock and lifted Bronco® & Wrangler®.


  • 2021-Present Ford Bronco® 4-Door. 
  • 1990-Present Jeep Wrangler® 2 & 4-Door. 

To inquire about other models, please call (321) 425-4336.


  • Adjustable clearance height: 63.5 -76 inches
  • Device length: adjustable 48-70 inches
  • Device width: adjustable 9-40 inches
  • Base assembly weight: 59 LBS
  • Upper assembly weight: 27 LBS
  • Total shipping weight: 105 LBS